The Unknown Algarve

Dream Overland stay with us on their Tour to the Unknown Algarve. They were enchanted by our Molinum:

It’s a tastefully furnished B&B built on the site of an old windmill – which itself has been recently restored and converted into a self catering unit. It is in a beautiful, tranquil location, delivering spectacular views over the coast.

Algarve’s image sometimes is associated with sun & beach resorts only. No different than other tropical lush destinies where standardized meals are becoming the norm. Where the very items that make that place unique are slowly being lost in time. The article starts exactly by mentioning the other Algarve:

there is another Algarve – the one that has wild, remote mountain tracks, beautiful rugged terrain, and towns and villages where the region’s culture, tradition and rich history can still be experienced. It’s probably Portugal’s best kept secret

I’m glad they could stay with us and that we contributed for this narrative of the unknown and other Algarve.

Best wishes & See you soon,


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