O moinho que só dá bons sonhos – The windmill that only gives good dreams

Hello everyone,

Today we had a special surprise from Carla Ribeiro: O moinho que só dá bons sonhos. It is in portuguese yes, but I’m sure Google can translate it for you and it’s worth the reading.

We were honoured to welcome the journalist Carla by an invitation from Algarve Tourism Board. She came to experience some activities taking place under the event “Algarve Nature Week” which we were participating in. The journalist liked it so much that she left a bag with clothes and took the key with her!

It really talks about Molinum, about me, about Renata. We feel exposed and this is (we fell) good journalism. It is the reality about this project and it is very well described. It was a pleasure to Welcome Carla and her twin boys. They experienced an afternoon with donkeys (10min away), a boat ride up the river in Silves (20min away) and a creative workshop with paint and inks from nature. You can imagine the loads of fun for her and her kids right? Imagine after that returning to a warm & cosy 1900 windmill. Eating a Mediterranean breakfast prepared with slow food method and lots of love.

See you soon, Joana

Read the full article at: https://www.publico.pt/2018/06/02/fugas/noticia/o-moinho-que-so-da-bons-sonhos-1832657

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