Handmade Tiles

The first blog entry is always of great importance.
I dedicate it to the Algarve artisans that keep culture alive.

We should always see the good side of every story right? There was a theft at an old wooden house here the property, which had nothing valuable but memories. The result was a flood in the house leaving it in a poor state.

We decided to grab the opportunity and rebuild it. It will be a free space for the liberation of the mind through Mindfulness experiences, painting workshops, cooking courses, among others.

In the reconstruction we use the best of both worlds: new materials for thermal insulation of the house built in order to maintain the typical Algarve architecture. A white house with yellow bar of the ground floor with a patio around the house. For this patio the choice of tiles was made: handmade Santa Catarina tiles. 10 minutes away there is a craftsman who still makes handmade tiles as his grandfather did since the 60s.

As we loaded the 700 tiles he tell me that he is the last of his generation to do this. After him this knowledge is lost. All over the Algarve we are seeing this, and in many aspects. There are efforts from people who are fighting against this tendency who most of all believe that losing this knowledge is losing culture.

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