Yoga & Mindfulness De-Stress

11/ December
12/ December
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6 days & 5 nights of  Yoga & Mindfulness De-Stress



The program combines mind and body technics to allow you to reconnect and de stress from the rush of daily life,

providing tools that will unquestionable bring wisdom and serenity to your life.

Four days are designed to give you a taste of Mindfulness and a direct experience of the benefits of this practice. Each day there is a 2-hour session which focuses practice and theory about Mindfulness teachings and 1 Yoga session. Afternoons are free so you can explore Algarve with a Mindful perspective.

We begin by exploring the concept of Mindfulness, what it consists and how can we learn to practice. On the second session we explore emotions and its power. We’ll talk about how we can categorize them and understand the way they manifest in our daily lives.

The third session is dedicated to the concept of Mindful Communication through the practice of active listening and the exploration of three types of communication. We will learn how these types of communication influence the result of what we transmit and receive from other people.

The last session is fundamental to close our program and embrace all the knowledge. Therefore, we co-create a plan to integrate what we learned into our daily lives. This plan is the wise conjugation of formal and non-formal practice to help achieve one’s goals.



♦ Find clarity through learning to practice mindfulness;

♦ Empower your physical and mental energy;

♦ Shape the mind for the future;

♦ Learn how to relax;

♦ Relieve stress.


Sample Session
Yoga session from 8h00 – 9h00

Mindfulness session from 10h00 – 12h00


What is Included in this experience:

♦ 5 nights

♦ Mediterranean Breakfast and Lunch

♦ 8 Hours of Mindfulness

♦ 4 Hours of Yoga

♦ Manual of the program



                                                                             ♦ Transfer service from and to Faro Airport

♦ For groups please contact us