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11/ December
12/ December
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6 days and 5 nights of Mindfulness Stress Reduction Intensive



An experience to rediscover wisdom, build knowledge and skills to reduce stress by working the capacity to intentionally stay present.

This intensive program is based on the content of the famous MBSR program – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

It consists of 8 sessions where we combine moments of practice like mindfulness of the breath, mindful walking, mindful eating and body scan meditation, with moments of reflection about themes like the role of perception, emotions, what is stress and how to respond instead of react, how to communicate mindfully to transform relationships at professional and personal level.



♦ Understand the importance of being connect with the present moment;

♦ Empower your focus and generate greater physical and mental energy;

♦ Learn to relax your mind and body;

♦ Learn powerful skills to upgrade your life;

♦ Shape the mind for the future;

♦ Make better decisions;

♦ Find deeper meaning in life.


Sample Session
♦ 8h00: Mindfulness of Breath &  Mindful Walking
♦ 8h30: Mediterranean Breakfast
♦ 9h30: Mindfulness Session I (2 hours)

Free time from 12h00 to 14h30

♦ 14h30: Mindfulness Session II (2hours)
♦ 17h00: Tea / Coffee & traditional biscuits

Free time from 17h00 to 21h00

♦ 21h00: Mindfulness of Breath (20min)


What is Included in this experience:

♦ 5 nights

♦ Full board service

♦ Afternoon Tea / Coffee & traditional biscuits

♦ 20 Hours of Mindfulness

♦ Manual of the program



♦ Transfer service from and to Faro Airport

♦ For groups please contact us