6 Mindful Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation

Simply Enjoying Vacation Time


Ether in Winter or Summer time! Vacations are an exciting time, and we feel inspired to explore, have fun, relax and experience different things. Some people like to plan ahead and make travel plans and spend the time going to exciting places with friends and family. Others like to go with the flow.

While the idea of travelling, and exploring this wonderful world is attractive, the stress of panning the perfect vacation, down to every detail, can also be a stressful endeavour.

We frequently forget that the point of going on vacation is in fact to relax and have fun! So dear friends, let’s leave the stress behind and focus the attention on how to really enjoy your time away.

Decide what you want. Indecision can be the root of all anxiety when planning an excursion. Get your intention clear on what you want, what you’re willing to spend your time and money doing, and with whom you’re willing to spend that time with. When you’re in alignment with your wants and desires, the rest of your planning will come easily.

Be organized. Research and find out everything you’ll need for your vacation. Location, how to get there, how to get around, where to eat, what to visit, etc.

Relax. Life isn’t perfect; don’t focus much attention on little bumps in the way. Sometimes these detours can lead us to interesting surprises! Detach from your “ideal” outcome and allow life to flow.

Be present. We spend so much time thinking about our vacations being perfect; be aware of what is already present, and every time you notice that the mind is wondering about the future or the past, just gently and firmly bring the attention back to the present moment, enjoying the sun kissing your skin, listening to the birds, paying attention to the texture and aromas of the food you are eating, paying attention to details of the surrounding no matter where you are. Being fully present to each moment is the way to ensure happiness.

Be open. Allow yourself to be receptive to new people, cultures, and places. Be open to learning and accepting that life has brought you to this place in this moment for a reason.

Be grateful. So many times, stress takes hold of our vacation and when we get home from travelling we feel like we need a vacation from our vacation. Being present gives you the space to recognize and be grateful of what you have, of each experience, allowing this sense of peace and tranquillity to arise.

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